Monday, January 12, 2009

The Antichrist Identity

Are you aware that the Masonic Movement have been following a 200 year old plan to usher in a world leader who will head the formation of a world government system?

In September 2008 a group of researchers put together a 150 Page Report with a full examination of the major global debate regarding the identity and lineage of the Antichrist. The report is based on an examination the teaching of the Masonic lodges which are seeking to impose a one world global government in the distant future.

This report has come as at a much needed time with the growing speculation in recent times regarding the identity of the Antichrist. Some believe the rise of Barack Obama at a time when the global ecomony is going through a shocking meltdown is an indicator that he could be the prophesied Antichrist.

Others believe that the Antichrist is Prince Charles of Wales based on a major decoding of the cryptic symbolism embedded within his coat of arms and his significant involvement and influence within the world environment movement. There has also been significant support for the belief that Javier Solana is the Antichrist because of his noticeable presence across a number of high level european strategic positions and a member of the Club of Rome.

Recently there has been a growing wave of support for the Antichrist being an Islamic Madhi (Assyrian) based on a specific interpretation of specific passages in Daniel which have been suggested to refer to the Antichrist coming froming the eastern meditteranean rather than western europe.

The 150 Page Report called "The Antichrist Identity Report" is based on a significant study of the plans being rolled out by the Masonic Hierarchies who are masterminding the transitioning to a world government. Once their plans are examined it becomes clear that some of the teachings in bible prophecy today are not consistent with how the end times events are to happen.

For instance whilst there are those who claim that the Antichrist will be a Muslim Leader of a Muslim Alliance, the clear teachings of the Masonic New World Order is that Islam is incompatible with Masonic New World Order Strategic Directive and as such needs to be eliminated first before the world government can come to pass. This we know will happen with the biblical events of Ezekiel 38 which describes an alliance mostly consisting of islamic nations coming against Israel. As such there are many references within their literature as to the removal of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jersualem because of the requirement for Solomon's Temple to be rebuilt.

Another note is that many bible scholars make reference to the ten nations of a european alliance, however the planned objective of the masonic world government is one where the world has been divided into ten regions which then come under an economic development plan dictated by a socialist agenda. This plan already includes the European Union, the North American Union etc.

The Report is a major and fresh insight that will challenge some of the traditional concepts you may be familiar with as they deal with hard data of the plan being followed to usher in the new world masonic order. Some of the key areas are as follows:

Your view of the The Antichrist will be forever changed by the information in this report when you discover the importance of the Merovingian Bloodline factor and the Holy Roman Empire connection in this major Insight. (Part 1: Page 26)

You will fully understand why certain pro Zionist TV Evangelists like Pastor John Hagee are unsuspectingly playing right into the hands of the Masonic New World Order plans! (Part 1: Page 33)

You will understand the reason why many bible prophecy experts have been muted regarding the election of Barack Obama. What is it that they know but are simply too scared to say and why do many believe Obama is the closest representation of the coming Antichrist? (Part 2: Page 16)

A Major insight into the world views on who is the Antichrist with a significant focus on the lineage factor. Will the Antichrist be Jewish, Syrian, European or an Islamic Madhi? (Part 3: Page 5)

Major Insight into which companies are developing the Mark of the Beast technology and the biological dangers that have already resulted from such research! (Part 1: Page 50)

You will learn why the destruction of Islam and the removal of the Dome of the Rock from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is such an integral aspect of the establishment of the Masonic New World Order! (Part 3: Page 11)

Mel Sanger is an international affairs researcher and heads a media group of researchers with a predominant focus on the formation of the coming new world order and its impact on a political, economic and social level.

The Antichrist Identity Report can be downloaded from

There are also some sneak previews of this report on the same website.

Some of the Testimonials on The Antichrist Identity Report

"The dissection of the Barack Obama and Prince Charles Antichrist debate is probably the best exposition I have seen to date on this matter. Fascinating."
Maurice Ellis, Apostolic Church, Connecticut

"The special report confirms the concerns I have had with popular bible prophecy teachings Masonic lodges know bible prophecy and will rollout their agenda in a sinister deceitful way that will catch many of us off guard"
Richard Bailey, Cupertino, California

Brilliant brilliant report. Just came in the nick of the time before a teaching session I needed to do at bible studies. Great material
Dominic Baron, Dallas, Texas, USA